Many members of Congress view COVID-19 relief legislation as an opportunity to grab money for any number of pet projects unrelated to the epidemic. But one proposed amendment, introduced by Sens. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., and Susan Collins, R-Maine, is appropriate.

Capito and Collins want the new relief bill to include more money to fund substance abuse programs. Their proposal includes about $4.5 billion for the purpose.

Long before anyone ever heard of COVID-19, the ongoing drug abuse crisis was scourging Americans. During the past five years, the annual death rate from overdoses alone totaled more than 60,000 per year. If anything, the coronavirus epidemic is making the problem worse — and there is no vaccine against substance abuse.

Funding sought by Capito and Collins is but a drop in the bucket in the context of a new COVID-19 relief bill that, depending on the version enacted, may have a price tag as high as $3 trillion.

Most Americans may have their minds on avoiding COVID-19. But even now, finding their next fix is uppermost in the thoughts of too many people. The Capito-Collins plan should be adopted.

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So far the offer is 2.4 trillion down from 3.4 trillion and the GOP response is that "you are not negotiating" . My way or the highway from the GOP.

Spock Here

9,000 plus deaths USA the last two weeks alone. Canada has had about the same number since February. We aren't allowed into many countries because we are "sick." Food prices going up, we still don't have a national testing/tracing plan. All this "winning" and "greatness" is wearing a bit thin.

Spock Here

Jared Kushner thought it was a good idea to let Coronavirus ravage Blue states & cities according to reports.

Bernie Mac

More lies from Spock (Democrat).

Doc Samson

No conspiracy theories here! Only pure logic! Would love to see these "reports"...[rolleyes] [lol]

Spock Here

Do tell us all ... what lies, right wing nut bot?


That's the problem with politicians. They keep trying to slide in pet projects that are hidden in spending bills. Do only what is necessary!!!

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