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A group stands outside The “Little Corner” restaurant that once stood at 2 Weems Lane. The business flourished between 1966-1977. The Stewart Bell Jr. Archives at Handley Library shared the photo. If you know anyone in this photo, call the archives at 540-662-9041, ext. 17, or email archives@handleyregional.org.

100 years ago

City Manager Trier and several members of the Common Council emphatically denied that too much chlorine was being used in the water, and reiterated that the milky appearance of the water was due to air getting into the pipes and nothing else. Those who drink the water were advised to let it stand a few moments, when all traces of the air would disappear.

Specimens of the water sent regularly to the state chemist at Richmond for analysis showed little or no variation, it was said, and there was nothing whatever to indicate impurities.

July 20, 1921

Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Potts, of this city, are receiving congratulations on the birth of a fine 12-pound baby boy. The child was born last Saturday morning and has been named Roy Ellwood, Jr., after his father. Both Mrs. Potts and the baby are doing splendidly.

July 21, 1921

Information was obtained today from reliable sources, that Henry Ford, the famous automobile manufacturer, who, with a party of close friends, is traveling through some of the Eastern states on a camping trip, is to camp within the next few days either in Frederick County at a point near Winchester or in Shenandoah County.

It is stated that Thomas A. Edison, the wizard of electricity and famed inventor, is accompanying Mr. Ford, together with several other noted men, including H.S. Firestone, president of the Firestone Tire and Rubber Co.

July 21, 1921

The new home of the Commercial and Savings Bank, to be built on the present site of Hotel Evans, southeast corner of Main and Piccadilly streets, after the expiration of the lease of Mr. F. L.Buckley on March 1, 1922, will be the last word in attractiveness, efficiency, and safety, according to officers of the institution.

Erection of a modern building for banking purposes only on the Hotel Evans site has been in the mind of the president, Mr. Herbert S. Larrick, ever since the Commercial and Savings Bank was organized.

The hotel building was at the time owned by Mr. W.R. Lucas and the problem of buying it was not an easy one . Mr. Lucas died and the hotel was conducted for a while by his widow, who later sold the property to a hotel man from another city but the latter could not meet the terms and the property was on the market.

Mr. Larrick in his own name obtained an option on the hotel site for $40,000.

July 21, 1921

Many residents of the northwestern section of Winchester were alarmed last night by what appeared to be a muffled explosion somewhere in that locality, but all efforts to trace the source of the supposed blast were fruitless.

The big noise seemed to indicate an explosion had occurred in a building or that a wall had fallen. Motorcycle patrolman Clark dashed to the vicinity of the Winchester fairgrounds, and a number of men went in autos while the residents of that locality had run into the streets.

Several were reported to have said small stones and earth were thrown into the air and fell on the roofs of their houses.

Men employed last night at the pant of the Winchester Cold Storage Co. said they could smell smoke for sometime after the explosion, and that it resembled dynamite or blasting powder.

July 22, 1921

A more convenient voting booth for women of Stephens City, so they won’t have to stand out of doors in all kinds of weather, is requested by the Woman’s Bible Class of that place, according to a letter received from a committee by Mr. H.E. Shull, of the Frederick County Electoral Board. The letter was signed by Mrs. Jessie Carbaugh and Mrs. Belle Grim.

July 23, 1921

Obtaining good hootch is becoming gradually less difficult, says a Washington dispatch. Hunters of fine whiskey, wines and other liquors also are becoming more discriminating.

Most of the rare liquors and wines are now being brought across the Canadian border. The vast stretches of territory in that region are protected by a mere handful of enforcement officers. Hundreds of routes selected by the bootleg importers are without protection.

July 25, 1921

75 years ago

Believe it or not, Monday morning a fire plug on West Cork Street caught fire. It was understood that the blaze was caused by a gas leak on the street. The fire caused two sections of the sidewalk to buckle.

July 24, 1946

The final Girl Scout Camping period for the 1946 season opened at Camp White Rock yesterday when 30 colored Girl Scouts arrived at camp. Twenty-five of the campers who left Winchester by bus yesterday morning are Winchester Girl Scouts. Five scouts are from Berryville.

July 24, 1946

June was the month for weddings in Winchester according to marriage licenses issued in the city clerk’s office.

Of the 148 marriage licenses secured in this city only 21 were local couples. In 34 cases one or both of the parties had been married before and were divorced.

In only 22 cases were both contracting parties the same age. In 109 cases the groom was the oldest. Only in 17 of the licenses issued was the bride’s age listed greater than the groom. In several instances one of the parties was as young as 16.

The county also had a better than usual month, issuing 91 marriage licenses and bringing the total for the city and county to 239 for the 30-day period.

July 25, 1946

The final note of indebtedness on Camp Rock Enon will be burned with appropriate ceremonies following a dinner meeting at the camp Monday evening, Aug. 5.

This property was purchased two years ago from Fred L. Glaize for $7,000. It consists of about 500 acres of land on the site of the old Rock Enon Springs hotel along with considerable mountain land.

Since the Shenandoah Area Council purchased the property, several acres of low-lying ground along Laurel Run which runs through the property near the camp buildings has been cleared; a large earth embankment filled in; and a three acre lake dammed up for swimming and boating.

July 26, 1926

Another change in ownership of a long-established Loudoun Street business was revealed today in the announcement that Robert C. Jasper and Miss Jane Eagle had purchased the Fair Play Store from Mrs. Mary H. Fahnestock.

Purchase of this grocery at 11 South Loudoun St., which was effective July 22, served to reestablish the new owner in the same business in which he was engaged before entering the U.S. Navy in 1944. At that time he was owner-operator of Eagle’s Meat Market on South Loudoun Street.

Miss Jane Eagle, daughter of the late George Eagle, will be actively associated in the operation of the Fair Play Store.

July 26, 1946

50 years ago

The Winchester Retail Merchants Association will hold its largest annual sale promotion in downtown Winchester — “Winchester Days” — on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

A highlight of the promotion, according to Julius Armel, RMA promotional chairman, will be the giving away of $1,000 in cash Saturday at 5:30 p.m. in front of the Frederick County Courthouse.

A $1,000 bill, no longer available as the last issue was printed in 1934 and the Federal Reserve System is taking them out of circulation, will be on display for viewing in front of the Courthouse during “Winchester Days,” Armel said.

July 26, 1971

25 years ago

RICHMOND — Two universities and Virginia’s community colleges will take their classrooms to students over a new computer network.

Beginning this fall, the network will enable professors to instruct students at several remote locations via a fiber-optics system.

Virginia Tech and Old Dominion University will be the first four-year college linked to the system. All 23 community colleges also will be connected this fall.

July 25, 1996

— Compiled by Priscilla Lehman

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