John Kerr class

Michael Brannon shared this photo that he found in his grandmother’s collection. He believes it is a class photo from John Kerr School taken in the early to mid 1940s. His father, Randall Brannon, is the boy on the left near the front in the striped shirt and jacket.

100 years ago

Announcement was made of the sale by Winchester Aerie 824, Fraternal Order of Eagles of its property on North Market Street known as the Wall homeplace to Mr. Stewart Bell for $5,000. The Eagles have purchased the former home of the Fairfax Club, opposite the Charley Rouss Fire Company on West Water Street, and are now moving into it.

Mr. Bell contemplates a general remodeling of the Wall building on North Market Street and also the erection of additions on the south side and the west end of the building, and converting it into a large apartment house, for which there is an ever-increasing demand in Winchester.

Sept. 13, 1919

Lieutenants Starbuck and Collyer, the star pilots of Staley’s Liberty Flyers of Hagerstown, Md., who were among the principal attractions at the Winchester fair last week, returned to Hagerstown yesterday in their Curtis biplane.

Almost 20 Winchester people made flights yesterday morning and during the early afternoon with the Liberty flyers and during their several days stay here upwards of 100 people went up.

Sept. 15, 1919

RICHMOND — Today there was a conference of the health officers of the larger cities of the state in connection with the possible return of influenza, which is about due the middle of next month.

The officers of the state and of the federal government have discussed this matter and the plan to be followed for uniform war on the epidemic. It is not believed that it can or will be anything so severe as the attack of a year ago, but the health officers are getting ready to employ every means known to science for the prevention of the malignant disease.

Sept. 15, 1919

It has just been learned that “Oak Hill,” the former home of President Monroe and the present home of Mrs. Henry Fairfax, near Leesburg, Loudoun County, has been sold to Mr. Frank C. Littleton, formerly of Leesburg, but for some years past a resident of New York. The reported price paid is said to be over $250,000.

The handsome estate, in fact the most historic estate in Loudoun, contains about 1,500 acres of land, all under cultivation. On it is located the magnificent old home mansion of former President Monroe, a mansion teeming with history.

It was at Oak Hill that the Hon. Henry Fairfax maintained his famous string of hackneys, which brought Loudoun in the show ring limelight and made this county famous as a hackney center.

Sept. 15, 1919

One of the largest transactions in city real estate in Winchester in some time was consummated yesterday, it was announced today, when Judge Whiting entered a decree confirming the sale of the Hotel Evans property from Mrs. W.T. Wall, guardian, to the Commercial and Savings Bank, Winchester. The price is understood to be about $40,000 cash. The property will be continued at present for hotel purposes for some time.

Sept. 16, 1919

75 years ago

Approximately 350 German prisoners of war, to assist in harvesting the county fruit crop and to work in Winchester processing plants, are expected to arrive in the city this evening.

The camp on the Smithfield Farm is said to be ready to receive the Germans, and it is thought that they will be ready for work assignments early next week.

The war prisoners will arrive on a special train expected to arrive here at 5:30.

They will be unloaded at the Robinson Cold Storage siding and local and county police have been requested to aid in guarding the Germans while they are being unloaded and transported to the camp.

Sept. 9, 1944

The Frederick County USDA War Board announced today that milkweed pods are ready for picking. Pick only into open mesh onion bags. These bags are obtainable now at the County Agents’ Office in Winchester. After drying, the pods will be collected and 20 cents will be paid for each bag of pods.

Remember — Two bags of pods means one life jacket which may save a life.

Sept. 9, 1944

One of the most elaborate events in local Lion history is scheduled for tonight, when the Winchester club celebrates its 20th anniversary.

With invitations extended to 15 neighboring clubs in the area, plans here have been made to seat 400 at the banquet which will open at 7:30 this evening at the Winchester Armory.

Sue Tokes of Opequon will be caterer for the meal, which will feature Southern fried chicken and Old Virginia country ham.

Following the banquet program there will be dancing by Mary Donegan and her orchestra from Hagerstown, Md.

Sept. 14, 1944

Mrs. Sarah Timbrook has received the Purple Heart, which had been posthumously awarded by direction of the President to her husband, Staff Sgt. Millard Timbrook.

S-Sgt. Timbrook, son of Mr. and Mrs. I.H. Timbrook of Romney, W.Va., died as the result of wounds received in action in France on June 17.

He was a member of Company I and prior to entering the service was employed by O’Sullivan. His widow, the former Miss Sarah Dutterer resides in this city.

Sept. 12, 1944

Word has been received in Stephens City by Annie Berger, colored, from the war department, stating that her son, Pvt. James Berger, 27, was killed in action in France. He was attached to the artillery.

Prior to his entrance into the service two years ago, he was employed by the M.J. Grove Lime Co. plant in Stephens City.

Pvt. Berger is survived by his mother and several brothers and sisters.

Sept. 14, 1944

Walter Shade of the local U.S. Employment Service office, reported this morning that 45 women in Waynesboro have shown a willingness to come to Winchester and assist in processing plants if they can secure living quarters.

At the request of the local employment office, the Winchester Chamber of Commerce has agreed to cooperate by trying to secure housing facilities.

Sept. 15, 1944

50 years ago

Pvt. Stanley Clevenger of Stephens City was wounded in Vietnam on Sept. 4, according to word received here.

Mr. Clevenger called his wife, the former Miss Sandra Dawson of Stephens City, this morning from Japan. He said that he will require surgery and will be transferred to Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, within the next 10 days.

Mr. Clevenger, who has only been in Vietnam a short while, was formerly employed by Polly’s Cab.

Major Thomas Throckmorton was wounded yesterday in Vietnam in a helicopter crash. Further details are not known at present, according to his wife, the former Miss Kathy Whetzell.

Major Throckmorton has been in Vietnam only three weeks on his second tour of duty.

Sept. 13, 1969

25 years ago

Joann Leight has the distinction of being the first student accepted at Lord Fairfax Community College in Middletown, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

Now a kindergarten teacher at Bass-Hoover Elementary School in Frederick County, Leight did not fit the profile of a typical college student when she enrolled at Lord Fairfax Community College on March 28, 1970 — she was married with four young children.

Sept. 10, 1994

— Compiled by Priscilla Lehman

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