BERRYVILLE — The fate of the suspected getaway driver in a 2017 homicide in Bluemont may be decided soon.

On Monday in Clarke County Circuit Court, the attorney for Toi Latoria Marshall told Judge Alexander R. Iden he expects his client to enter into a plea bargain on June 21.

“The case has been pending for some time,” attorney Michael J. Harrington said. “We appreciate your patience.”

Marshall is charged with first-degree murder, two counts of armed burglary and three counts of robbery in the death of William Todd Anderson in his Blue Ridge Mountain home on March 26-27, 2017. Anderson was a 48-year-old father of one and a master electrician. He was addicted to drugs and dealing out of his home to support his habit.

Marshall, of Dumfries, is accused of driving Michael Ivory Curry, William Edward Freeman and Blake Anthony Munk to the home. While Freeman acted as a reluctant lookout, Curry and Munk broke into the home, beat Anderson and stole two ounces of cocaine, 2½ ounces of marijuana and $2,000 in cash. As they left, Curry struck a taped up Anderson in the forehead with the butt of a semi-automatic rifle, which killed him.

The 34-year-old Curry of Summit Point, West Virginia, who is Marshall’s brother, was sentenced last year to life imprisonment. The 34-year-old Munk of Baltimore, who was Marshall’s boyfriend, is serving up to 20 years for second-degree murder. Freeman, a 28-year-old Berryville resident and cousin of Curry and Marshall, is serving up to five years for involuntary manslaughter as well as burglary and conspiracy to commit robbery charges.

While Curry, Freeman and Munk had extensive criminal records, the 39-year-old Marshall, a pharmacy technician, had no record before the killing. She is free on a $25,000 bond. She drove the men to and from her then-home in West Virginia and said at Munk’s trial last year that she wasn’t forced to participate.

“I could’ve stopped it,” Marshall testified. “I wish I did.”

After the hearing, Harrington said Marshall was “under the spell” of Curry and Munk. And he noted she and Curry endured a traumatic childhood. As young children, their father murdered their mother.

“I don’t think any of us have walked in those shoes,” Harrington said.

Harrington said multiple sentencing delays were based on he and Anne Williams, county commonwealth’s attorney, negotiating a plea agreement that best serves his client, the community and Anderson’s family. Williams wouldn’t comment, saying she didn’t want to compromise the case.

William Scott Smallwood, a 50-year-old Berryville resident who arranged the robbery but didn’t participate, is serving up to 34 months for robbery. Joseph Paul Marshall, Marshall’s cousin, faces a solicitation of a felony charge for connecting Smallwood with Curry and Munk. Joseph Marshall, of Berryville, is due in court July 19. He has admitted guilt.

“I sincerely regret my actions and know that more thought has to be given before making decisions that can have a long-term effect on more than just me,” he wrote in a Sept. 30 letter to Iden. “I humbly request a lenient sentence as lengthy time will put my family in difficulty.”

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too easy on these incidents. Why do we plea bargain? do the crime do the time.


Bunch of dopeheads. And the pharmacy tech threw away a great career for these losers. Stupid dopeheads, that's all they are.


You dont know what a plea bargain does, do you?

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