Authorities accuse Strasburg’s mayor of driving under the influence when he crashed a vehicle into the town’s library in mid-May.

Virginia State Police trooper C.S. Peer charged Richard A. “Rich” Orndorff Jr. on Friday with driving under the influence of alcohol on May 17 — a second offense within five years of a previous conviction on the same violation. The trooper also charged Orndorff, 55, of 240 S. Holliday St., Strasburg, with driving an all-terrain vehicle on a public highway. Both charges are classified as misdemeanors.

Peer issued summonses to Orndorff on Friday to appear in Shenandoah County General District Court on Sept. 10.

Orndorff faces jail time if convicted of driving under the influence as a second offense in five years. He was found guilty in the district court on Feb. 2, 2015, of a first offense of driving under the influence. The offense occurred June 4, 2014. Orndorff did not serve jail time for the offense. Virginia code states that anyone convicted of a second offense of driving under the influence within less than five years after the prior offense must serve no less than one month nor more than one year in jail, with 20 days of which is the mandatory minimum. Anyone convicted of such an offense also must pay a fine of at least $500, the code states.

Peer filed the summonses in the court Friday, nearly two months after the crash that sent Orndorff to a Fairfax hospital. Town officials and state police have offered little information about the case or Orndorff’s status since the initial media releases.

Vice Mayor Scott Terndrup, serving as acting mayor in Orndorff’s stead, read a letter to Town Council at its meeting Tuesday in which Orndorff states he had returned home.

Friends posted on Orndorff’s personal Facebook page messages hoping for his recovery and wishes for his birthday, which is Saturday.

The crash occurred the night of May 17 after Strasburg’s annual Mayfest. Peer responded to the crash in which an all-terrain vehicle struck a building, a criminal complaint filed in Shenandoah County General District Court states. A state police media release identified the building struck as the Strasburg Community Library. Peer arrived and a witness told the trooper the driver of the vehicle had been flown to Inova Fairfax Hospital, the complaint states.

Witnesses told the trooper that Orndorff was traveling southbound on U.S. 11 when he crossed the center line then ran off the road to the left and struck a building, according to the complaint.

Peer states in the complaint that a search warrant was obtained for Orndorff’s medical records at Inova Fairfax. Records show Orndorff had a blood-alcohol content of 0.17. The legal limit is 0.08.

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Mark, I noticed you had nothing to say about this: Perhaps you missed it? What do you think?


Whether or not he is "locked up" if this is his second DUI in 5 years he has a substance use problem and needs assistance with this problem as do so many of the people who are currently "locked up." I totally agree that he should have his license revoked as he poses a danger to others on the road.

Mark Anderson

Charges with a DUI for driving an ATV? This is as stupid as the stories of people on their lawn mowers getting DUIs.. It's a bastardization of the intent of the law.


The guy was drunk operating a motor vehicle on the highway (Rt. 11). He's done it before. Lock him up. The intent of the law is to keep drunks off the road. Be glad he hit a building instead of a person. He's an embarrassment to Strasburg.

Mark Anderson

He was operating a vehicle that weighs less than a quarter of what a typical car weighs. Lock him up, you should get that tattooed on your forehead, that seems to be your answer to everything.


You seem to forget he was on a highway, where that type of vehicle IS NOT ALLOWED. Again, as long as it's against the law, you should be punished. This guy is a habitual offender and it's only a matter of time before he injures or kills someone. Lock him up for a while and revoke his license for 5 years. Revoke, not suspend. I'm for law and order, not anarchy, which is what you are proposing.


No, I believe rapist and child molesters should be tortured to death without mercy, ASAP.


Operating an unauthorized vehicle while DUI and striking a building, yeah, such a bastardization. I'm sure that was neither the spirit, letter or intent of the law when enacted by the legislature right? I'm sure you'd say the same thing had he struck your home or business right? No locking someone up alone will not "fix" the problem, but it will serve as a penalty, if convicted, for his alleged violation of the law. Hopefully he is also ordered to complete ASAP or a similar program that will help him with any substance abuse problem he may or may not have.


Mark, perhaps you should learn the law before you make an asinine comment.

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