STEPHENS CITY — A handful of people offered suggestions for a proposed recreational trail behind the Bowman Library during a public input meeting on Tuesday.

The trail, a half-mile gravel trail for recreational use behind the library at 871 Tasker Road, would be built around Lakeside Lake — a containment pond behind the building.

County resident Jason Adcock said he would like the trail to be accessible by Lakeside Drive or the cul-de-sac on Pocono Place, so people in the surrounding neighborhoods can get on the trail without having to walk or bike on busy Tasker Road.

“There’s really no way to walk or to bike along Tasker,” Adcock said.

The county owns the 24.57-acre property at 871 Tasker Road that includes the Bowman Library and the lake. Pennoni Associates, an engineering firm in Winchester, has created a conceptual plan for a 6-foot-wide gravel trail and a wooden boardwalk around the lake.

Preliminary cost estimates for the trail are $93,740 to $99,740, depending on whether the wooden boardwalk has a railing.

Jon Turkel, assistant director of the parks department, said the county has received mostly positive comments about the proposed trail.

After the public input session, the Frederick County Parks Commission gathered for its regular meeting.

Items discussed included whether to pursue funding for a mountain biking “skills park” in Sherando Park and whether the Winchester Model Railroad Club would be allowed to use a utility building the county owns on Old Charles Town Road.

The commission unanimously agreed to send a letter of interest to People for Bikes, a national nonprofit group focused on expanding all forms of bicycling in the United States.

The letter will inform the nonprofit that the county is interested in applying for its bi-annual matching grant, which awards up to $10,000 for private and municipal bike projects. The application would be made in October, if the group encourages the county to apply.

Turkel told the commission the grant money, if awarded, would be put toward the estimated $50,000 needed to build a skills park in the northwestern section of Sherando Park.

Sherando Park is home to three miles of mountain biking trails. The skills park would be separate from the trails, offering a system of winding wooden ramps, situated on rails, for beginners of all ages to get used to the maneuvering required to successfully navigate a mountain trail.

Commissioner Ron Madagan told the panel that the parks’ Buildings and Grounds Committee recommended not letting the Winchester Model Railroad Club lease a utility building the county owns at 692 Old Charles Town Road.

The club is in search of a new home after its longtime location in a former train station at 430 N. Cameron St. in Winchester was sold by CSX Corp. last year. Madagan said the club was welcome to use the building, which sits on an acre purchased by the county for park purposes in 2016, for six months or so, but the club is looking for a space for a minimum of 10 years.

“They understood,” Madagan said.

The utility building is surrounded by 24 acres deeded to the county for a park to serve the Snowden Bridge housing development. The building will serve as a storage and shelter facility for the park.

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