Royals Spotlight: Winchester first baseman Jimmy Goldsmith

Winchester first baseman Jimmy Goldsmith

Winchester Royals 21-year-old first baseman

School: Senior at Radford University

Parents: Monica and Jim Goldsmith

Hometown (High school graduated from): Vienna (James Madison High School)

College major: Social science

What do you love about baseball: Probably just the game within the game. Every pitch matters, everything can change at the drop of a hat if someone makes an error or hits a home run. You’re always in the game because there’s no time clock in the game. It’s just a completely unique game.

Most memorable moment in baseball: Probably winning the state championship when I was a junior [in VHSL Class 6] in 2015. All my friends growing up from Little League were on that team, so we were a pretty tight-knit group. I hit a single to lead off the bottom of the seventh and wound up scoring the winning run [in a 6-5 game against Chantilly]. We walked them off, so that was pretty cool.

Favorite Major League position player: [Washingtion Nationals third baseman] Anthony Rendon. Dude just goes about his job, day in and day out, and he doesn’t get enough credit. Not many people really know how good of a ballplayer he is. Earlier this year he had an extra-base hit streak of [10] games, which is crazy. (Rendon set a Nationals team record with that streak.)

Favorite Major League pitcher: [Washington National] Max Scherzer. He’s like the ultimate competitor out there.

If you could face any Major League pitcher throughout history, who would it be?: Probably [New York Yankee] Aroldis Chapman. I would just take three straight pitches and walk back to the dugout with him throwing 105 from the left side. It would just be cool to see the hardest thrower in the league.

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: Junior Seau; he’s an amazing player who was taken way too early from us. Just an awesome dude, too. I watched him play growing up. Walter Payton; he was an incredible running back who was taken way too early. My dad grew up watching him and enjoyed him playing. Even though I wasn’t alive to watch him play, I heard how good of a player he was. And Jimi Hendrix; again, someone who just died way before their time. It’s unfortunate that so many successful people just go early. It’s a shame.

Favorite baseball team: Washington Nationals

Favorite TV show: “Malcolm in the Middle”

Favorite song: Any song by Weezer. Alternative rock in general.

Favorite food: Fried chicken

Plans after college (besides playing professionally): I’m looking to be a history teacher. I enjoy history, always have. I just like different points of views, what people thought contributed to an event. I also want to be a football coach. My dad’s a football coach in high school. He’s a [defensive backs] coach, and he also coached me in baseball growing up. I played high school football, so I love football. I just wasn’t good enough to play at the college level. I think playing multiple sports made me a better athlete.

Compiled by Robert Niedzwiecki

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