Royals Spotlight: Winchester first/third baseman John Dyer

Winchester Royals first/third baseman John Dyer

Winchester Royals 19-year-old first/third baseman

School: Sophomore at Tennessee Tech

Parents: Scott and Kathy Dyer

Hometown (High school graduated from):  Mount Juliet, Tenn. (Mount Juliet High School)  

College major: Mechanical Engineering

What do you love about baseball: I'd say it brings out the kid in me. I've always played it since I've been younger. It just keeps me going. The love of the sport has been there since I was young watching my brother [Austin] play.    

Most memorable moment in baseball: My senior year of high school, I hit a walk-off home run against one of our big out-of-conference rivals. It was 0-0 going into the seventh, and I hit a leadoff home run. I remember they had a big ol' righty on the mound. I think he was about 6-5, [pitching] straight over top. He was a power fastball guy. I was going into the box, ready for a fastball. The first pitch was down and in, and I just got the head out. It barely got over the outfield wall, but it went out.    

Favorite Major League position player: [Former Philadelphia Phillies and Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman] Chase Utley. I grew up liking the Phillies. That's who my dad likes. I always liked how [Utley] played. He kind of caught my eye even though he was a lefty. It was pretty fun to watch him play growing up. I liked his swing. It was real compact, and he could hit for average and power.

Favorite Major League pitcher: [Former Philadelphia Phillie and Toronto Blue Jay] Roy Halladay. He was quite dominant on the mound. It was fun to watch him. 

If you could face any Major League pitcher throughout history, who would it be?:  I'd have to go with Cy Young. The biggest award is named after him, so I'd like to see how good he was. 

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: Bo Jackson; just because of how unreal an athlete he was. I'd like to see how that was like for him. Abraham Lincoln; he's got a big reputation for being honest, so it'd be interesting to talk to him. And Amelia Earhart; because I'm into aerospace. That'd be pretty neat to talk to her because she's a pretty significant figure for that. 

Favorite baseball team: Philadelphia Phillies

Favorite movie: "Major Payne" 

Favorite TV show: "Wicked Tuna" 

Favorite song: "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen  

Favorite food: Phllly cheese steak

Plans after college (besides playing professionally):  I'm not sure how far baseball will take me. Hopefully, I'll go all the way. I'm really interested in aerospace. I've always kind of loved planes, helicoptors, missile projectile-type stuff. My college doesn't have [aerospace], so I went with mechanical engineering because it's broad. You can still go focus on aerospace with a mechanical degree. As a mechanical engineer, you can do anything from focusing on vehicles to heavy machinery, to all sorts of stuff. I've enjoyed building stuff and putting stuff together as a young kid, so mechanical engineering sets up a nice future for me. Ideally, I'll have a wife and kids. Live on the lake, have fun. I love to fish. That will be an ideal hobby for me to do. Growing up, I'd fish, hunt. I'm a big outdoors guy.  

— Compiled by Robert Niedzwiecki

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