Royals Spotlight: Winchester outfielder John Servello

Winchester outfielder John Servello

Winchester Royals 20-year-old outfielder

School: Junior at Toledo University

Parents: Dan and Christy Servello

Hometown (High school graduated from): Hollidaysburg, Pa. (Hollidaysburg High School).

College major: Public health

What do you love about baseball: Honestly, I just like the endless opportunities. We get to play so many days when you have a bad game you get to go out again. And, you get to be with your best friends all of the time.

Most memorable moment in baseball: In high school [my senior year], it was a tied ballgame [0-0] going into to the bottom of the [eighth] and one of my best friends [Tyler Treese] hits a walkoff homer [Servello was on base after a single in the inning]. We hadn't won the district championship in like [four] years.  

Most embarrassing moment in baseball: I was in center field and there was a groundball hit to me and I went down to grab it and it went underneath my mitt and rolled all of the way to the wall and the kid got an inside-the-park homer.

Favorite Major League position player: [Cincinnati Reds outfielder] Yasiel Puig. I was fortunate enough to get to watch his first game when he came into the league. I just think he's awesome in everything he does.  

Favorite Major League pitcher: [Los Angeles Dodger] Clayton Kershaw. He's the man. He has his strategies. He gets interviewed and asked a lot of questions and he has his own way of doing things which I like. 

If you could face any Major League pitcher throughout history, who would it be?: I'd say Aroldis Chapman. He's the guy who throws cheese. If you get a hit off of him, you've accomplished something. 

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: My mom, dad and brother [Sam]. That's my family.     

Favorite baseball team: Boston Red Sox

Favorite movie: "Dark Knight"  

Favorite TV show: “SpongeBob SquarePants”

Favorite song: Anything by Chief Keef

Favorite food: Cereal, I like "Smorz."

Plans after college (besides playing professionally): To be a fitness trainer or a trainer for a football or sports program. I'm around it every day — fitness, eating healthy and stuff like that.

— Compiled by Walt Moody

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