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Doc Samson

As we can see in the comments, the Pr0g's never ending, blue pill fantasies have completely separated them from reality. They really believe Brandon is a great president and he's building back better (whatever THAT means! [lol])...

Funny how Trump supporters were capable of admitting he wasn't "perfect" and could openly discuss the things about him they didn't like. Pr0g's able to do that? Nah, because when you're in a cult... [lol]

Catherine Giovannoni

Last Summer it was Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head. This Fall, the Republican Party's latest cause is getting angry at Big Bird for being vaccinated. Meanwhile, Democrats are putting money in families' bank accounts, have passed bipartisan legislation to fix our aging infrastructure, and, just yesterday, gave Congressional approval to President Biden's Build Back Better program, which will, among other things, cap insulin copayments at $35, provide universal pre-k education, and create good-paying jobs. It's clear which party spends its time on made-up culture war distractions and which party improves lives for everyday Americans.


have you lost your ever loving mind? We have record inflation, gas prices that rise daily, record illegal immigrants crossing in daily with not a care in the world from Biden or Harris, a country that is falling apart with hate and division, let’s not leave out the fact of the wonderful Joe unconstitutionally mandated Covid vaccine, you do know that the dictator in chief really doesn’t have a plan other than telling you what you can and cannot do right? More people have died under Bidens watch in 10 months than Trump just so you know. A government that is spending money like it grows on trees. You will be lucky if you actually ever even see a penny of that money or even any of these programs that Joe wants to do. I feel sorry for the many generations behind us that has to pay back all this money that the democrats want to throw and an unsustainable dream. This administration is hands down one of the best I have ever seen at destroying jobs, because they certainly don’t know how to create one. So in rebuff to what party does what, it’s clear that the democrats will throw money at anything to see if it will fix it temporarily at any cost to us taxpayers. I was no Trump fan but I will say that his policies worked and were better than what we have now


Repeat after me: Presidents don't decide gas prices. Re: inflation, that is due to COVID. There's been a chain reaction in our transportation system involving imports, exports, shipping and their containers, lack of containers, no storage for containers, no long haul drivers, the Union, etc. Our Transportation Sec is on it, i.e. this huge backlog due to COVID, the virus our x-president said would vanish, "like a miracle." Trump knew the virus would multiply "bigly" and recommended bleach for it. Close to 800,000 Americans are now dead, and as per W the Dems are have the role of cleaning up the disaster. Where is your pathos for our soon to be 1 million Americans dead? Are you vaccinated? Unless you know what you're talking about, stop spreading FOX propaganda.


Spoken like someone who does not pay your

‘fair share’ (whatever that is!) of taxes so you do not care how much democrat-socialists give away. You must agree with senile Joe who said that ‘there will always be money around.’

God help us!


How much schooling have you had? The US is being rapidly pushed by the right toward authoritarianism, and you don't have a si gle clue. Oh the irony.

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