Please, only electronic generated correspondence

Over the past few weeks, The Star editorial page has received a number of letters and Open Forums it — most likely — will not be able to run.

How so? The letters are either handwritten or typewritten, which means they must be typed again here at the newspaper. The only problem? Unless the letter is small, and the editorial page editor can set aside time to type a few of these short letters, these pieces of correspondence will not get typed. And that’s a shame, for some of our more cogent arguments are made at the nub of a pencil or through a typewritten ribbon.

In many ways, we are “good ol’ days” people, but lack of time and manpower preclude us from providing this “good ol’ days” service.

We still desire your astute thoughts, though. So we ask: Is there a member of your family, or a neighbor, or a friend from church who can help out so you might see your opinions in print?

It may seem as if we are passing the buck here — this is not our first such entreaty — and maybe we are, in your eyes. We are not. With the local elections looming and the 2020 general elections closer than we think, we are simply asking you to work with us. Please keep the Open Forums at 500 words and, if any way possible, send them through the ’Net. If you can’t, there’s a good chance your letter or Forum will not feel the ink on the press. And we regret that greatly.

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Maybe one of you regular posters could do some public service and volunteer to put correspondence in question into proper digital form.


So scan them and make a pdf file or jpeg file. It's not hard. You do it with photos and advertisements.


Some people do not have internet. Already on fixed income aka medicine or food choice. Now you want money wasted to drive to town to find internet. Shameful.

mikep drove in to town to post this comment? That seems like a waste.


Wasnt talking about me.. but actually I don't have internet and only cell phone signal in one spot on my property. Do not take everything for granted. Some arent as privileged. Now im going inside. Enjoy the rest of ur day

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