The latest sign of the imminent coming of the Apocalypse can be found in this headline from Infowars: ILLINOIS HOSPITAL CREATED ‘COMFORT ROOM’ FOR ABORTED BABIES TO DIE IN.

We’re inclined to let this gem stand alone, except to say, How positively humane, how imminently decent: They are providing those poor little doomed unfortunates a “comfort room.” When would they ever know “comfort” outside the womb?

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This blurb is far too pathetic & perverse to stomach - and like the reality or not, CRT - approximately 1,200 babies in the USA alone "survive" attempts to abort them. There are pediatric/prenatal R.N.'s who have penned articles and even at least one book documenting their personal & professional experiences in seeing and hearing and attempting to provide some semblance of comfort to the infants who were born alive after abortion attempts failed and they are often badly burned by chemicals or appendages have been torn off as they lay bleeding. If this is yet another blasphemous attempt at proclaiming to be "tolerant" of things, acts, and behaviors that defy humanity with their depravity - count me out. And PLEASE do not even attempt to manipulate by spewing nonsense that a fetus is not a "child" - read a mainstream Dictionary wherein the definition of a fetus is very accurately described as a developing unborn baby within the womb. No more pseudoscience proclaiming 124 genders, that fetuses aren't humans, that the US is "immoral" for attempting to protect its sovereign status through immigration law. ENOUGH. This is all very sick indeed.

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InfoWars? Alex Jones' InfoWars? You know, Alex Jones who denies any children died at Sandy Hook? Who is a well known kook? Really, Star? You have hit a new low.


This story originally ran in 2008. Jill Staneck, a nurse and anti-abortion activist, had been fired from Christ hospital for her anti-abortion activities.


Explain it all away, and feel better. lol.

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