Lib bastion takes a hit, finally

For years, Oberlin College, a bastion of liberalism, has been considered all but untouchable among the elite repositories of leftist higher education. But, as we learned this week, even bastions can sustain a much-deserved chink in dubious reputations.

The story would take longer to tell than we have the space to tell it, but duly condensed: On the day of President Trump’s election, an Oberlin student, no doubt wishing to drink his life away after such an election result, swiped a couple of bottles of wine from a popular bakery near campus. A scuffle ensued in which the student, subsequently aided by a male friend and two female students who used their boots as weapons, got the better of a store employee who challenged the pilferage.

So what does Oberlin do? Rather than yank its wayward scholars back in line, it turns on the bakery as a disseminator of racism and a practitioner of racial profiling. The school even tried to get food suppliers to stop business with the bakery.

What Oberlin did not count on was a 130-year-old business with deep enough pockets to haul its leftist derriere to court — and win. An Ohio jury this week awarded the bakery $11 million in damages for the college’s libelous behavior.

How will this episode fit in the school’s alleged illustrious history? And, more important, has the worm now turned a little when a supposed paragon like Oberlin is not allowed to act as it pleases, well, because it’s Oberlin.

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The bakery should have gotten more money. Oberlin college should have fired those administrators involved in the smear as well. Oberlin is guilty of hate and profiling.


Hope parents and donors get ticked off to send a message that they are not paying for the libel suit. Maybe next time they will mind their own business and not smear small businesses.

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