Frederick’s information stream to battle trash

The response was as rapid as it was clear. No sooner had The Star, in Tuesday’s newspaper, gently taken Frederick County to task for trash along its roadways, particularly at the myriad entrances to Winchester, than the county fired back to defend itself or, more to the point, set matters straight.

It was still 58 minutes shy of high noon Tuesday when we received county Public Information Officer Karen Vacchio’s detailed but upbeat riposte. Simply stated: Frederick does not only not ignore its trash, but has also established a public-information program to assist its citizenry in dealing with it.

The campaign is titled “Secure Your Load,” which was precisely the thrust of our editorial. We feel that folks hauling refuse to the dump or landfill do not “tarp” their rubbish properly. Frederick County would like to do something about that. Hence, “Secure Your Load.”

The education campaign, as Ms. Vacchio observed, is a three-pronged approach. First, an infopage that lays out the issues of trash and how they affect communities. Second, a set of three videos that can be viewed in various venues — the county’s YouTube channel, social media, and the County Cable Channel (16 on Comcast). The first focuses on road-side trash, while the second pair features the assistance of Lt. Warren Gosnell of the county Sheriff’s Office. Lt. Gosnell’s ride-along is particularly illustrative. And, third and finally, the county may not have a garbage fleet, but it does have a sort of “minuteman” small-litter crew that goes where the need is greatest to pick up trash and, thus, beautify the county.

Earlier this summer, the Sheriff’s Office erected a road sign on U.S. 50 — subject: “Secure Your Load” — that was the talk of social media. This fall, the county will commence another SYL (Secure Your Load) education push during the leaf season when use of the landfill and, thus, county roads is particularly heavy.

So, take heed of these materials provided by Frederick County and, remember . . . “secure your load.”

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