How to get Mountaineers to participate

Most West Virginians are familiar with the warning about not cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face. They draw that advice to the attention of those who show dislike and distrust of government by not participating in the Census.

It means that folks should avoid actions intended to harm others but which may hurt them, too.

So it is with the Census, which must by law be conducted every 10 years.

In West Virginia, Gov. Jim Justice has established the Complete Count Commission in an attempt to ensure that each and every resident of the Mountain State is counted during the 2020 Census. That is important for various reasons, as we have pointed out previously.

Among them is that if the Census count of West Virginians is too low, the state may lose one of its three members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

In addition, many federal programs rely on population counts in municipalities, counties and states. Bottom line: The fewer people a state has, as recorded by the Census, the less federal funding it will receive.

During their meeting Wednesday, members of the governor’s commission discussed how to proceed. A first step was setting up committees to deal with various aspects of the challenge.

One of those committees is on minority affairs. Committee member Jill Upson, who also is executive director of the state’ Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs, told MetroNews that, “93Minorities, specifically people of color, have traditionally had a distrust of government entities. Educating those with such a dislike of government about the importance of participating in the Census — and about the agency’s excellent record of keeping private information confidential — is important, Ms. Upson said.

But she misses an important point in West Virginia. More than a few analysts have noted that many people — regardless of race — who live in Appalachia exhibit higher mistrust of government than those in most other regions.

Finding some way of increasing Census participation by West Virginians — all West Virginians — is critical. Members of Mr. Justice’s commission simply must find a way to solve that puzzle.

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The citizens of WV have no problem applying for federal assistance. They are one of the top "taker" states (take more from the feds than they contribute in taxes).


Well CRT, this is the first time I've heard a liberal begrudge giving federal help to anyone. As a committed marxist, you ought to know that big northern companies sucked all the wealth out of WV for decades in the forms of coal and timber. You ought to like a little payback.


Exactly. We all know how he would respond if it was say EVERY major city in our nation that are leeches to the actual payers of federal income taxes


Exactly. We all know how he would respond if it was say EVERY major city in our nation that are leeches to the actual payers of federal income taxes


Gee, another racist sentiment we hear from the Left more and more these days. If its so bad, why you here? Thats what I thought.


Yeah, racist. WV is over 93% white. It's also number one in opioid deaths and in the top five of almost all the negative metrics. Here's list of the top taker states, all but one run by the GOP.

1 New Mexico

2 Mississippi

3 Kentucky

4 West Virginia

5 Alabama

6 Arizona

7 Alaska

8 Montana

9 South Carolina

10 Indiana


Wow. Why be such a racist, CRT? Don’t you know it isn’t acceptable to be racist in this day and age?


The old "I'm rubber, you're glue" response. You rarely respond to the substance of a post. Your mom must be proud.


If there were substance, I would respond to it. You overrate yourself. And, my mother would be proud if she were alive. So, I can't live in her basement. You are so lucky!


Answer me this.....when we abbreviate states it is supposed to be two letters....why do folks around here and at VDOT say W Va. I am genuinely curious.


If you took citizenship question off you really arent counting all anyway. Why bother. If you want a true citizenship count them count everyone so taxpayers can really see where their tax money is spent

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