It only breaks bodies, checkbooks . . . and hearts

After undertaking a subject that has yielded the same conclusion many times over — socialism eventually is a destructive rather than positive force — classicist Victor Davis Hanson, with usual panache at the end of a recent column, chillingly chided the young people who are so enamored with the ghastly -ism that they are actually endorsing its wretched tenets. This is how Dr. Hanson concluded his Nov. 7 commentary:

“Regrettably, sometimes the naive and disaffected must relearn that their pie-in-the-sky socialist medicine is far worse than the perceived malady of inequality . . . And unfortunately, when socialists gain power, they don’t destroy just themselves. They usually take everyone else down with them as well.”

Dr. Hanson is not just stating the obvious or limiting his discussion to the extremes, and extremists, of statism, socialism, Marxist-Leninism, or outright Communism — i.e., the Stalins, Maos, Kims, Castros, and Chavezes of the world — but also the “(t)he soft-socialist European Union countries [that] are stagnant and mostly dependent on the U.S. military for their protection.”

Hence, a few questions: Given the obvious comparisons to the better — far to the better — that their nation, due to deregulation, tax cuts, and record energy production, boasts the strongest economy in the world, why do the likes of Democratic presidential candidates, Lizzie Warren and Bernie Sanders in particular, embrace this killer (or eventually incompetent) philosophy so warmly? Because this time, they think socialism will defy the odds and actually work? And, finally, why are many Americans willing to take this flyer along with them?

Dr. Hanson, clear-eyed as usual, admits there are many “catalysts” for the “new socialism.” He sums up the lingering, or re-emergent, infatuation this way:

“Add up a lost generation of woke and broke college graduates, waves of impoverished immigrants without much knowledge of American economic traditions, wealthy advocates of boutique socialism, and asleep-at-the-wheel Republicans, and it becomes clear why historically destructive socialism is suddenly seen as cool.”

Cool, perhaps at first blush. But then, as the old saying goes, “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

And what they will not see, in this case, is that socialism, with its ridiculous, soul- and freedom-sapping redistributionist mentality and schemes, is an abject loser. And, in time, will make losers of all of us.

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Socialism Def: a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

You must first understand the definition then you can argue on it. Most people don't even understand Socialism let alone any Millennials. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Maybe it has something to do with what is being taught in today's schools and who is teaching it. Public education has become public indoctrination. The education value in public schools was bad 30 years ago and it has only gotten worse.


Finally got to agree with slowe. I dont think the younger generation gets this.


You might want to reflect on why young people are becoming disillusioned with capitalism as practiced in the U.S. Maybe it's not working so well for them.


Maybe it's the huge gap in wages they see in this country & the fact our government doesn't want to focus on that. They want to focus on Ukraine, or taking care of immigrants. Why do actors, athletes, entertainers, & lifelong government officials earn so much, while today's youth try to earn a living on paltry wages.

No one is interested in improving our country, congress, Democrats, want to impeach. So what are they showing our youth? Don't fix America, attack, attack, attack, find a reason to destroy our country.

Their parents, their grandparents, many of them worked their whole lives, some hard physical labor to raise their families. Now Democrats want to give everything to non citizens, while ignoring the needs of citizens.

I see this everyday, today's youth don't want to work, so immigrants can all find employment. They are disheartened, disillusioned, & watching the focus of our government being spent on removing it's President.

How long have some of these Senators, & Congressmen been in office? Why can't they focus on our youth? What's the point of having a governing power if all they can do is try to destroy each other?

Our youth can't witness unity, just separation. Capitalism could work, however, so many take advantage of it.

Turn on your tv, what do you see, impeachment hearing, ads for products for Christmas that now start at Halloween, for a one day event. Gotta have stuff, so we can get more stuff, to go with the stuff we already have, like a huge pressure tank, which will eventually explode.

I feel sorry for today's youth, narcotics are thriving because they seek a way to escape this harsh environment. An environment that is poised, constantly ready to attack, ridicule, slander, accusing everyone else of this behavior, while behaving exactly, the same way, or far worse way themselves. Why wouldn't they be disillusioned???


Agreed ralcabin. Great comments. When I see the angry college socialists sometimes violently protesting conservative speakers, I see a very hate filled group of children. I understand that we all see things based upon our own experiences, but most if not all people at or near my age worked very hard to get what they have. Little or nothing was just handed to my parents or me growing up. What my generation sees are “kids” who have mostly never experienced any real hardship in their lives who now expect “the government” to provide for them. With enough of them out there holding out their hands, and dwindling numbers of those willing to actually work and pay taxes to provide for them, it smells like disaster in their own future. That is not the fault of corporations or American economic system. Weare all just around the corner from having NO funds to feed and care for those not willing to make the effort. The socialists also want open borders and currently ignore our existing laws. Unfortunately, they are too blind to see the incredible destruction of many cities in just the past decade. Be careful what you ask for, it’s gonna squat in your front yard, soon.


Really? What do you think when you see the tiki torch mob? The mobs of far righters like the ones who booed Donald Trump, Jr. and his mistress off the stage in California? Who raised these kids?!?


What has impeachment got to do with any of this? Were you whining when Clinton was going through the process? You say the Congresspeople have been in office too long yet smear and ridicule many of the younger ones in office. You mock AOC because she was a bartender.


I didn't state any of that crt, about the younger ones in office, I have one word for you, for all of your habitual commenting, instigator.


ralcabin, I think CRT doesn't get out much, so this is all they have. I don't get out much either, but the guards won't let me. [wink]


You're the one who implied the impeachment process is why today's younger people are drawn to socialism. And really, did you whine as much during the Clinton impeachment?

Spock Here

Tax cuts for the wealthy and bail out of farmers, that's socialism


Maybe because they see beyond the lies and look to social democracies like those found in western Europe and to Canada, Australia, and Japan. Then again, according to you, all these people are repressed and suffering greatly one goes bankrupt because they audacity to get sick.


If any industry deserves to be socialized, it is the medical insurance industry. Yet, I don't think any one wants health care run like the DMV.


Socialism in the USA, already:

Public roads

Social. Security


Public schools

Public libraries,

Fire departments

Rescue Squads

Public universities

Public schools

Airports, and the Air Traffic Controlers

Generic drugs

Public transportation: busses, trains, etc.

We are wrong to demonize ALL socialism, and we are wrong to advocate for uncontrolled capitalism. Both are good in the right situation and with controls that prevent the abuse of each. The question is about the blend of each, the application of each to our human needs. The controls that we put on each so we an benefit from the good aspects of each. It is not an either/or question. Please be more nuanced about this issue, more sophisticated, more honest and pragmatic.


Well, never thought I'd say this, but I agree with you Slowe. Too far in either direction leads to disaster, but we all enjoy the things you've mentioned w/o thought of how they get paid for.

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