STEPHENS CITY — Town Council voted 5-1 Tuesday night to change its council meeting time to 6 p.m. It had been 7 p.m.

Council members Jason Nauman, Joseph Hollis, Regina Swygert-Smith, Ron Bowers and Tina Stevens voted in favor of the time change, while Linden Fravel voted against it. Swygert-Smith made the motion.

At previous meetings, council members expressed a desire to start their meetings earlier. The meetings usually have low attendance from town residents.

Swygert-Smith said council still has the option to change the meeting time to 7 p.m. when there is a public hearing.

Also at the meeting, Nauman said the town’s Public Safety Committee recently met with the Middletown Public Safety Committee to discuss creating an agreement between their police departments.

“We did engage in a conversation that we are going to explore an opportunity to participate in joint purchasing, for cost savings for both towns, as well as looking at staffing to see if there is a way we can provide 24/7 coverage to both towns by working together on scheduling of patrols,” Nauman said.

And Town Manager Mike Majher said Stephens City will soon add Short Message Service (SMS) notifications to help keep residents informed about important issues. He said residents will be able to sign up for the notifications and receive them via text message.

Attending the Town Council meeting at the Town Office at 1033 Locust St. were Mayor Mike Diaz, Vice Mayor Jason Nauman and Town Council members Joseph Hollis, Regina Swygert-Smith, Ron Bowers, Tina Stevens and Linden Fravel.

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