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This is one of the American Identity Movement (AIM) stickers spotted last week on the Loudoun Street Mall. It was still there on Monday. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, AIM is a rebranded version of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa.

WINCHESTER — Several stickers for a rebranded white nationalist group appeared last week on the Loudoun Street Mall. At least one was still there Monday.

The patriotic-looking stickers, which feature a red, white and blue shield with white stars, are from American Identity Movement — or AIM. The group was launched in March by Patrick Casey, a former leader of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League.

AIM posted photos on its Twitter account on July 7 showing at least four AIM stickers on light poles and a trash can on the downtown walking mall. On July 10, two of the stickers were spotted by a reporter on light poles on the mall’s southern end. One of those stickers was still there Monday.

AIM posted similar photos of its stickers in Harpers Ferry, W.Va., Denver, and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Winchester Communications Director Amy Simmons said last week that a city official visited the mall on July 11 but didn’t see any AIM stickers. Police have received no reports about the stickers, but someone apparently found one of the stickers and handed it to a downtown officer recently, she said. Simmons had no further comment.

Identity Evropa was dissolved in March by Casey, according to the Anti-Defamation League. That same day, he announced the creation of AIM. All Identity Evropa members in good standing were invited to join AIM. Identity Evropa attended the lethal “Unite the Right” rally in downtown Charlottesville in August of 2017 that left one woman dead. Casey became Identity Evropa’s leader in November of 2017. Identity Evropa aligned itself with white supremacist Richard Spencer, who is known for seeking an all-white state through “peaceful ethnic cleansing.”

AIM says on its website that it is “opposed to the demonization of and discrimination against America’s white majority.” It also states that the group seeks to protect “America’s historical demographics” in lieu of mass immigration. It also denies any ties to supremacy, violence or illegal activities.

The Southern Poverty Law Center says the rebranding effort is a tactic to infiltrate mainstream politics with white supremacist views.

This is not the first time white supremacist propaganda has been distributed in Winchester. In October of 2017, stickers and flyers advertising Identity Evropa were found on Shenandoah University’s campus depicting Greek and Roman statues with phrases like “protect your heritage” and “serve your people.” In May of 2018, Ku Klux Klan flyers were spotted at businesses on Millwood Avenue and South Pleasant Valley Road and at Shenandoah University. KKK flyers also were distributed on several other occasions in Winchester and Frederick and Clarke counties in 2017 and 2018.

No one from AIM was able to be reached for comment.

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Winchester Star, all these comments are "ism" of some type related, if you're going to delete mine for repeating the word "b@st@rdization, it's only right to delete all these, they hurt my feelings and are offensive. 🙄


They may have taken offense to your "@" signs. I know I did. I complained about it to other people in a different comments section of another national local newspaper. I feel it's where I get my best points across. At any rate, I will say the Star does support deletism, which is morally abhorrent.


Fine sir, you have unwittingly doomed your commenting from this point on, at least in the comments section of this nationally recognized local newspaper, for your anti-typographism, an @ shouldn't have to feel any less accepted than any other character. They just want equality and a chance to achieve the typographical dream.


Still here for now, Doug. Though in the future, who knows? Sure hope the auto detection software that catches naughty language isn’t changed to include @‘s. How else will I make political points no one cares about? I might have to turn to Facebook, Twitter, or human interaction. Very uncomfortable with the latter. You see, Doug, people in real life just aren’t as irritable as they are here. It’s almost like they have other things to do. Boo to them, I say.


How old are you, Jasba64? Like a million years old!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Just thought you'd like to see how it's actually done. If you want to get your point across in the comments section of a major local newspaper, you really should go big. He could in face be 100 years old, so a million years is much more offensive. Also, check out my exclamation point/question mark game--on point, amiright!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I just want you to be taken seriously. Don't take offense. It's just a friendly suggestion. Remember, you can always reach more people the deeper into the comments section you go. Weirdly, though, people stop responding to me after a couple responses. It's strange to me. I'm only trying to start a dialogue. People today just don't know how to discuss politics with people with cool profile images. That's why I got rid of mine (It was a donkey peeing on an electric fence.)


Spock, how old are you, like 100?!? I've never lynched nor seen anyone lynched in my life and I am in my 50's. I live in a middle class subdivision and there are people of all colors and ages living here. We all get along and respect one another every day, all day. Why on earth are you living in the past? Is your life that terrible that you can't move on and enjoy life?


Psst. You're arguing with Spock. In a comments forum. Just thought you'd like to know. Perhaps it's time to go outside and talk to someone. If not, I'm here for you friend. You're an inspiration to me.

Spock Here



Out of curiosity, I went to the website. I read the principles as it appears the author of this article failed to do. This group is more about "Nationalism" than anything else from what they state. It does say the following "We staunchly defend the preservation of America’s historical demographics in the face of mass immigration, and are opposed to the demonization of and discrimination against America’s white majority." For the past couple of years, all I hear from the "left" is the constant "white" bashing/trashing. Why should people be ashamed for being white? I then read further down to the question/answer section. Is this group a supremacist organization? The following is the answer. "AIM prohibits the advocacy of or participation in supremacy, violence, or illegal activity. We reject extremism of any stripe. Allegations to the contrary originate from left-wing individuals and organizations intent on mischaracterizing anyone who dares speak out against globalism." The headline for this group states "WHO WE ARE" "AIM is a growing, active movement defending our nation against mass immigration and the scourge of globalism." This isn't a KKK group which indecently was a group originated by the democrats.

Don Specht

And there has never been demonization of or discrimination against America's minorities by that white majority?


Says Don, the white man. This is exactly my point. White's against White's. Black's against White's. Everyone against the White man. If all American's pulled together in unity, we'd live in harmony. It's people like Don who disgust me.


Well said


It's ok to bash white people nowadays, but not anyone else. If only people would look beyond skin color and at the person/people themselves.

Spock Here

"Everyone against the white man". Really? All those white men that were lynched for being white? All those white men having to use "whites only" water fountains? All those white men accosted because they "look suspicious"? I would suggest you go back where you came from.....


What are the "White's" possessing? How about the "Black's" Or the "American's"? The American's what? The American's right to post their opinions to the comments section of the largest publication in the country, the Winchester Star? If so, I agree with you, Don is disgusting. It's everyone against the white man. Why just the other day I dropped my latte on my foot, and no one offered to buy me a new one. Let me emphasize that: NO ONE OFFERED TO BUY ME A NEW ONE. Since no one would listen to my plight, I came here. For some reason there are always people commenting on these stories, so I knew I'd find a well-informed and sympathetic audience. It's baffling that they're commenting on anything in the comments section of a Winchester Star when Facebook exists (also, actual people's faces), but thank you for being there for me Jasba64. I owe you a latte.


Also, I second Violet's response to this post. We should totally be bashing everyone else. It's weird: no one has ever bashed me in person, but on comments forums, it seems to happen all the time. It's almost like the news (and subsequently the trash heap of the comments section of the news), isn't reflective of reality. PSYCH! I'm just playin', ya'll. Heave away!


Yes, poor white men! If only they ran something, anything! They are as persecuted as Christians!


The founder of AIM was one of the organizers of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Good people, mostly white men with tiki torches screaming "Jews will not replace us!" and "Blood and soil!" Rebranded N@zis are still N@zis.

Steve Cunningham

I guess this will wake up Steven Lowe [scared]

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