STEPHENSON — The new Stonewall Park ballfields will be ready for the spring baseball season.

Construction on the project is nearing completion, according to Eric Lawrence, executive director of Frederick Water, which developed the $2 million park.

Located on an 81-acre property off Stephenson Road in Frederick County, the park has five ball fields, which will replace existing ball fields at Clearbrook Park on Martinsburg Pike (U.S. 11).

Stonewall Park features two 300-foot fields, two 225-foot fields, one 100-foot T-ball field, a concession stand, three buildings with 12 restroom units, 226 parking spaces and ballfield lighting.

On Tuesday, Frederick Water’s board approved a resolution authorizing the execution of an easement establishing the park. The 19.6-acre easement grants the park’s ball fields to Frederick County for programming through its Parks and Recreation Department.

Lawrence said the American Little League will start practicing at the park in mid-March. An opening day celebration for the first game of the season and the official opening of the park will be April 4.

A need for new ball fields arose because Carmeuse Lime & Stone, which owns the 11 acres on which the Clearbrook Park ballfields were located, is expanding its limestone mining operations and asked Frederick County to vacate the property by the end of 2019.

Frederick Water, which provides water and sewer service, constructed the ballfields as part of its 2013 agreement with Carmeuse Lime & Stone.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, the board authorized the execution of a $1.6 million contract with Patterson Construction to build a U.S. 50 East Sanitary Sewer Pump Station, which will replace an existing station and double pumping capacity and expand sewer capacity in the U.S. 50 East/U.S. 522 South areas.

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