As we’ve noted on many an occasion, almost any Peggy Noonan column is a treat. Not only does the former Reagan speechwriter have a style all her own, but she also can be counted on to drop a bit of political “skinny” to the reader.

Miss Noonan’s regular weekend piece for The Wall Street Journal this past Saturday contained a doozy, albeit not of such magnitude that we here in the hinterlands haven’t given it a passing thought — President Trump will be a one-termer . . . by choice.

Now the way we see it the vainglorious Donald does not need the White House for validation. But Miss Noonan, after speaking with “a high-ranking Republican who himself was once considered a possible president,” wrote that Mr. Trump may not run for reelection.

It was just a “hunch” on the politician’s part, who pointed to a plethora of bad news awaiting Mr. Trump — a final report from special counsel Robert Mueller, Democrats flexing their newly regained muscle in the House, more investigations and no bipartisanship, and, despite a roaring economy, uncertainty in that arena.

Thus, Mr. Trump may wake up one morning and conclude he’s accomplished much — though not all (no border wall) — of what he said he’d accomplish in term of cutting taxes, refashioning the judiciary, squaring off with China, seeking (and making) better trade deals, and reviving the market outlook.

Thus, Miss Noonan can imagine the president saying to himself, “I accomplished in four years what other guys couldn’t do in eight. My work is done.”

So can we.

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Who's gonna pay for the wall? MEXICO Who? MEXIC Who? MEX Who? me.

Spock Here

I agree, he'll take the easy way out for sure. This did, however, make me giggle.


Hilarious! And really, a roaring economy? How's that 401K doing this morning?

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