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State Sen. Charles Trump, R-Morgan County, W.Va., explains his resolution inviting Frederick County to join West Virginia.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The West Virginia Senate adopted a resolution Monday reminding Frederick County of a 158-year-old invitation to become the state’s 56th county.

State Sen. Charles Trump, R-Morgan County, introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution 2 Friday requesting that citizens of Frederick County consider joining West Virginia. The resolution now heads to the West Virginia House of Delegates for consideration.

Frederick County borders five West Virginia counties: Hardy, Hampshire, Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson. According to the resolution, Frederick was one of three Virginia counties that was invited to join West Virginia in 1862 by the reformed government of Virginia, then headquartered in Wheeling, W.Va., after Virginia succeeded from the Union.

“It started as a matter of historical interest to me on West Virginia’s 150th birthday and the celebration surrounding that,” said Trump, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. “I learned by reading the old acts from 1862 for the first time that Wheeling clearly contemplated Frederick County as one of the counties that naturally belonged in the new state of West Virginia.”

Only Berkeley and Jefferson counties voted to join West Virginia, while Frederick County stayed with the commonwealth. In a U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1870 that affirmed West Virginia’s existence as a state, the invitation to Frederick County to join West Virginia was ruled as still valid.

“Once I learned that, it seemed obvious to me,” Trump said. “Where I live, people have family and work ties with Winchester and Frederick County all the time. People are back and forth. That boundary exists more or less on paper, but it doesn’t impede the flow of everything back and forth.”

Trump acknowledged that he hasn’t talked with officials in Frederick County to gauge their interest in letting the voters choose whether to join West Virginia or not, but he hoped his resolution helped get the conversation started.

“I don’t know if they’ve ever voted on the question in Frederick County, but all I wanted to do with this resolution is to say if you guys have any interest, we would love to have you be part of West Virginia,” Trump said.

Del. Wendy Gooditis, who represents Virginia’s 10th District, which includes part of Frederick County, said when contacted about Trump’s resolution, “The idea is a new one to me, and, while I love the romantic language in which West Virginia Senator Trump couches the invitation, it is very hard to imagine that the citizenry of Frederick County are looking for that upheaval. And loving Frederick County and Winchester as we do, I can’t imagine Virginia would let them go lightly!”

Frederick County Board of Supervisors Chairman Charles DeHaven Jr. was more direct.

“Personally, though we have great respect for our neighbors in West Virginia and work very closely with them on a lot of issues, such as safety, I have zero interest in becoming part of West Virginia,” he said.

Winchester Star reporter Josh Janney contributed information to this article.

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Oh my god, y’all really think Frederick County would be better off in West Virginia? Sure, you get your guns, but is it worth the worse schools? Is it worth living in the state ranking dead last in economy and infrastructure? What, so you can have your guns? Rethink your priorities. Would you rather have financial stability or your guns? Oh well. It’s Frederick County’s loss if they somehow secede.


YES!! Is good for local residents to leave VA. Should definitely be considered if these gun laws are to pass. BYE!!


NO!!!!! If we wanted to live in WV we would have built our home in WV, we searched this county for the perfect spot in FREDERICK COUNTY VA not WV...... Do you not realize everything that will be turned into a mess? Land value, insurance rates, work wages etc will all be affected and NOT for the positive! Idiots just leave Frederick County VA alone.......if you all want this to happen then just move to WV,... pretty simple solution.


It will probably just be easier to move with my guns to West Virginia. Then we can both live together. People misunderstand the term rebel. There is a natural part of every human being that does not like to be told what to do. The concept of liberty is a careful balance of my rights vs. your rights and that at times leads to disagreements. Mature people can live with that. Big government types abhor such disagreements and want to regiment our lives. They use propaganda to moralize their position. But progress needs a certain amount of chaos to find ways to move forward. Thinking different is important to the future of humanity.

Chris 22602

Do us all a favor and follow through with that idea! Frederick County will be better off with you living in WV.


There are alot of Frederick county residents that have extended family in the neighboring WV counties. Most are in Berkeley, or Hampshire county, the biggest reason the vast difference in real estate. Young couples can purchase a new home for thousands less, by crossing the border. I am included in this also, I live 5 minutes from the VA/WV line, & would have had to pay thousands more to stay in Frederick county. Housing prices are unbelievable, unless you choose to live in remote areas, with less than half an acre. Real estate taxes are much lower also. I lived in Frederick county for over forty years, but I am not willing to purchase real estate there now, when I can get more for my money in neighboring WV.


I vote YES!

Phantom 409

I'd like to see Clarke County become part of West Virginia.


Not me.


Thank goodness that will never happen.

Admiral Emluk of Borbistan

With the clown show that Richmond has become and with the entire state now being run by three or four counties of blue snowflakes, I'd vote "yes".


Now that we're in charge we will sell your home and enslave your children.

Don Specht

There is some precedent for this move, albeit the strategic importance of I-81 pales in comparison to the that of the B&O railroad a hundred and fifty years ago.


"It is very hard to imagine that the citizenry of Frederick County are looking for that upheaval"

You mean like what the Dems are trying to do to us right now in Richmond? That is an upheaval.

"I can’t imagine Virginia would let them go lightly!"

Of course, not. Progressives are at root totalitarians so they won't allow it.

"I have zero interest in becoming part of West Virginia"

Chuck, you may not be interested, but maybe the majority would. Why not put in on the ballot this November as a referendum? Afraid of a VaExit?


"...Frederick County’s border touches five West Virginia counties: Hardy, Hampshire, Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson. According to the resolution, Frederick was one of three Virginia counties that was invited to join West Virginia in 1862 by the reformed government of Virginia, then headquartered in Wheeling, W.Va., after Virginia succeeded from the Union...." Who the heck edits these articles. Good Lord!!


The article showed a comment by Wendy G. she would love to see us become WV after all she only won because the Leesburg area voted for her, she did not win Clarke or Frederick. I hope when the redraw the lines, she leaves Frederick out of her new area.


Thank God for Wendy Gooditis


I wish Wendy would change the district and move to Leesburg, and NOT represent Clarke or Frederick Counties.


absolutely (and I cannot stress this enough) not

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