GORE — A southbound driver, who police said tried to pass a tractor-trailer in the 1900 block of Carpers Pike (Va. 259) in Frederick County, was killed when she collided head-on with a northbound box truck about 2:20 p.m. Monday.

Jamie Lee Baker, 37, of Yellow Spring, W.Va., was driving a green, four-door 2001 Hyundai. The crash occurred on a curving incline where passing is illegal. “The green vehicle attempted to pass the tractor-trailer on the double yellow line,” said Lt. Warren Gosnell, Frederick County Sheriff’s Office traffic division commander.

He said Baker died on impact and was pronounced dead at the scene. The truck driver was shaken up, but unhurt, according to Jason Hall, owner of the Noland Co., a Winchester-based industrial plumbing supplier. He said the truck was empty when the crash occurred.

Both drivers were wearing seat belts, according to Gosnell. The truck was headed downhill when it was struck by the Hyundai. The impact crushed the front end of the car and pushed the vehicle about 25 yards downhill. The truck came to rest on an embankment.

The crash occurred about four miles south of Northwestern Pike (U.S. 50) and about a quarter-mile south of Cline Drive. The road reopened around 6:05 p.m.

Baker had been in Fredrick County General District Court earlier Monday on pending charges of reckless driving/driving with improper brakes, driving with a suspended license and failure to show proof of insurance, according to court records. Her driving record includes a 2015 conviction for driving 60 mph in a 45 mph zone.

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Sincere condolences to her family. May God grant you peace as you deal with this loss.


Prayers for this lady and the truck driver. As a reminder that following the law is very important for our safety on the road no matter how. Every lives on the road is precious so please be careful and do what you suppose to do according to the law. Thank you.

Living the dream

Very sad. We all have to be extra Careful on driving. Prayers for her family and love ones. We have got to slow down. SO sad!!


The last paragraph was not needed. This women lost her life. She has a family that is grieving, why is her driving record necessary.


That last paragraph should qualify her for a Darwin Award!!


I do not believe the last paragraph was necessary. This women lost her life and family and friends are grieving. Why is her driving record is mentioned amounts to nothing.

Steve Cunningham

It should be included as a reminder that you are not alone on our highways. Safe driving should be every drivers objective. While this is very sad, her poor driving skills could have been harmful to others. Prayers to her family and to the driver of the truck as well as this is something that will weigh upon him as well.




My heart breaks for any and everyone affected by this but image the Mother, Kids , and friend having to see this when all they feel is pain. It's sad.


Imagine not image sorry

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