Rep. Jennifer Wexton, D-10th, and officials from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles urged Virginians on Saturday to apply for the REAL ID.

During an awareness event in Sterling, Wexton was joined by DMV Commissioner Richard D. Holcomb and DMV’s mobile operations team, which processed REAL ID applications.

Beginning Oct. 1, U.S. residents who want to board a domestic flight or enter a secure federal facility using their state-issued driver’s license or ID card as identification must have a version of the credential that is compliant with the new REAL ID standards.

The purpose of the REAL ID Act, according to the Department of Homeland Security, “is to make our identity documents more consistent and secure.” It provides a set of standards for the issuance of driver’s licenses and other identity documents.

If residents don’t have a REAL ID, they’ll need to present another form of federally accepted identification, such as a U.S. passport, passport card, Global Entry card or U.S. Department of Defense ID.

“I’m pleased to have had this opportunity to offer DMV’s convenient mobile service to my constituents,” Wexton said in a prepared statement. “Approximately one million Virginians have already obtained their REAL ID, but many more still need to apply. Time is of the essence.”

In order to obtain a REAL ID, customers must visit the DMV in person with certain documents that show proof of:

Identity and Legal Presence (e.g. unexpired U.S. passport, U.S. birth certificate or unexpired Permanent Resident card);

Social Security number (e.g. Social Security card or W-2 form displaying full nine digits);

Residency: two proofs required and must display name and current Virginia residential street address (e.g. recent utility bills, mortgage statements, valid Virginia driver’s license); and

Any name changes (e.g. marriage certificates or divorce decrees). Note: If the name on your identity document is different than your legal name, you must show proof of your name change. Multiple documents may be necessary if your name has changed more than once. DMV can issue certified copies of Virginia birth and marriage certificates for a fee.

More information is available online at Existing DMV customers can fill out their application online before visiting the DMV to complete the transaction.

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Ve vant to see your paperz pleese, und danke Herr Bush.


So to travel you have to have this new ID and it is required and Wexton wants all to have it. But, when it comes to voting requiring an ID is discrimination and Wexton is against requiring an ID for that. Talk about speaking out of both sides of ones mouth.

Chris 22602

She’s trying to protect her constituents from headaches that were put into law by bill creator Republican Jim Sensenbrenner and signed by President George W Bush


lol....ain't that the truth, Galt! Ain't that the truth!



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