WINCHESTER — MPT Now co-owner John Moore says the location of the personal training business’s first commercial space, at the corner of Hope and Valor drives, is perfect.

“We couldn’t have asked for better names to go with our theme of transformation,” said Moore, referring to the street names.

Moore owns the business with his wife Kristin.

MPT Now’s new Transformation Studio at 2337 Valor Drive hosts group and individual fitness training opportunities, including classes for senior citizens.

Though a grand opening will be held from noon to 5 p.m. Sept. 25, the business is already open and taking on clients.

The MPT Now Transformation Studio, Moore said, is meant to offer personalized care for those looking to change their life.

“What we are not is a gym. We’re all about total transformation and personalized care,” he said. “We work with people to find out what’s going on in their head — like what goals they have, do they even have goals and then find out within our team who is the best trainer to meet those goals.”

The Moores, as well as other staff, trainers and instructors, will also provide guidance when it comes to food and nutrition, if needed.

The business is almost six years old. It started in the back of the couple’s home in Winchester, and they actually still provide classes there, even with the new space being open.

“We’re hoping with this space being commercial, more people will be able to see it and we’ll be able to help more people,” Moore said. “We were in that weird spot where being in the back of our house we couldn’t grow anymore. So we had to go commercial to reach more people and bring in more instructors and trainers. We’ve hand-picked everybody that’s going to be here. We want to provide a place where people can come and actually change. It’s not just going in, working out and going home.”

At the studio, it’s about analyzing what will help you change your lifestyle and then following through with it, he said. That includes planning for your “fitness future.”

The experience provided at the studio can be therapeutic for some, the couple said.

“A lot of people will end up talking to us about other problems while we’re training,” Kristin Moore explained. “It’s really neat that we can try to help people as much as possible.”

“Those problems could be what’s stopping them from getting in shape in the first place,” her husband added. “So, we kind of work through all of that.”

The couple originally got into the fitness world after working with a health and wellness marketing company in 2002. Soon after that, they began getting certified in various training programs.

Later, when all of their kids moved out, they decided to start their personal training career. Eventually they decided they “wanted to offer more than a gym could provide.” So, in 2015, the couple started MPT Now in the back of their house.

Now, they have a group of four personal trainers and six Group X instructors at the MPT Now Transformation Studio. Employees there are known as “transformation specialists.”

Upon first contact with the folks at MPT Now, a free evaluation will be done to go over goals, find out how much time someone is willing to commit to a program and then go through the mental process to see how they want to attack a program.

From there, decisions are discussed about which classes and programs would be beneficial and if individual sessions are wanted or needed.

“Winchester doesn’t really have a place like this right now,” Moore said. “We have a lot of gyms and places to work out, but they don’t have that place to go figure it out.”

Those interested in a free evaluation can schedule an appointment. For more information, visit

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