• Terry R. McAuliffe (D)
  • Glenn A. Youngkin (R)
  • Princess L. Blanding (Libertarian)
Lieutenant governor
  • Hala S. Ayala (D)
  • Winsome E. Sears (R)
Attorney General
  • Mark R. Herring (D)
  • Jason S. Miyares (R)
House of Delegates/10th District
  • Wendy W. Gooditis (D)
  • Nicholas S. "Nick" Clemente (R)
House of Delegates/29th District
  • Delmara F. "Deetzie" Bayliss (D)
  • William D. "Bill" Wiley (R)
House of Delegates/33rd District
  • Paul W. Siker (D)
  • Dave A. LaRock (R)


Commissioner of the Revenue
  • Ann T. Burkholder
Commonwealth's Attorney
  • Heather D. Hovermale
  • Les R. Taylor
  • Jeffrey L. "Jeff" Barbour
City Council/First Ward
  • Jorge V. Gonzalez
  • Richard S. Bell

Frederick County

Board of Supervisors/Red Bud District
  • Blaine P. Dunn
  • Shontya C. Washington
Board of Supervisors/Shawnee District
  • Josh E. Ludwig
  • Richard D. Kennedy
  • Warren W. Gosnell
Board of Supervisors/Stonewall District
  • Judith McCann-Slaughter
  • Theo Theologis
School Board/Red Bud District
  • Tim S. Stowe
  • Ellen G. White
School Board/Shawnee District
  • Miles B. Adkins
  • Eric W. Reifinger
  • David D. Stegmaier
School Board/Stonewall District
  • Diana L. Hackney
  • John J. Lamanna
  • Linda G. Martin
  • Issa V. Kassis

Stephens City Town Council

  • Linden A. "Pete" Fravel III
  • Mariah C. Smith

Town of Boyce

  • Zachary A. Hudson
  • David Ferreira
Town Council (vote for not more than two)
  • Carol L. Coffelt
  • Dennis S. Hall
  • Whitney L. Maddox
  • Carli A. Pope

Source: Virginia Department of Elections, local voter registrars

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