Christmas Parade

Robert E. Aylor Middle School seventh-grader Jackson Stein plays a decorated horn while wearing Christmas tree glasses as he marches down Piccadilly Street during the Old Town Holiday Parade in 2019.

WINCHESTER — COVID-19 has kiboshed the city’s annual holiday parade and tree-lighting ceremony in Old Town.

Due to the pandemic, officials announced on Tuesday that the 2020 Holiday Parade and Tree Lighting Ceremony will not be held. In its place will be “Lights in the Park,” a seasonal light show in Jim Barnett Park that people can experience from the safety of their vehicles.

“We are saddened by the fact that the parade, a popular tradition in our community, had to be canceled, but our holiday cheer is alive and well,” City Manager Dan Hoffman said in a media release. “We are excited to offer a new and safe holiday activity which we hope residents and visitors will find enjoyable during these uncertain and extraordinary times.”

The lights — similar to the annual “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” holiday light show staged each year in Clearbrook Park by the Frederick County Parks and Recreation Department — will be installed along the road that winds through Jim Barnett Park from its amphitheater on Oak Drive to the War Memorial Building on War Memorial Drive.

“Lights in the Park” will be offered at no charge every day between 5 and 8:30 p.m. from Nov. 23 through Dec. 20. The display will feature festive light designs, characters and holiday decorations in a family-friendly presentation.

As for this Saturday’s celebration of Halloween, Winchester has no plans to intervene, but officials encourage kids to be safe and remain socially distanced to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

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Spock Here

Wow, did we all hear that huge sigh of relief when "Jake" said covid will be gone next

Tuesday? The "scamdemic" will be over, like a "miracle it will disappear." I'll bet the doctors and nurses in hospitals that are becoming overwhelmed (ex. Utah) are thrilled to hear that! And since it's a "scamdemic" those 226,000 Americans aren't dead, that's a relief. I'll bet their families are ecstatic. Was it a "scamdemic" around the world, or just here? Why did Trump say back in march that this "thing was bad, dangerous", did he not realize it was a "scamdemic"? I guess it's a "super scandemic" now, since cases are spiking all over the US, mainly because of that "open up" thing and "masks are stupid" theory. Yep, can't wait till this "farce" just poofs away next Tuesday, and we can all be ever so happy that Trump didn't bother to have a plan, because, who needs a plan with a "scamdemic." I am thinking maybe people like Jake should volunteer for an hour to give a doctor or nurse grab a bite or cup of coffee, in an ICU with those scam patients.


We need to open up and get back to normal, not a "new normal" but the real normal. This coming Tues will make it obvious which way it will be. Stop hiding and get open and move on. The scamdemic is being seen for what it is and needs to end. You folks who want to hide in your basement feel free but the rest of us are moving on.


This cannot be the first time in your life that you are absolutely and totally WRONG!


I agree, jake. This is a farce anyway.


Blondie, you are a complete and total idiot. Read a book


Is it a "scam" because of your in-depth research or because you are inconvenienced?

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