WINCHESTER — City residents are encouraged to share their visions for Winchester's future.

Rouss City Hall has launched a community survey to gather input about the priorities and sentiments residents want to see included in a 2021 update to Winchester's Strategic Plan.

"Our current plan hasn’t been updated since 2018 and much has changed since then," City Manager Dan Hoffman said in a media release. "These plans are living documents that should be updated periodically to make sure they reflect our community priorities. Since a strategic plan guides government operations, projects and planning for the next five years, it is important that we gather input from the many different areas and aspects of our great city."

Survey questions will focus on the following subject areas:

  • Economic Growth
  • Revitalization
  • Quality of Life
  • Public Safety
  • Public Health
  • City Government
  • Living in Winchester

The online survey can be taken at The deadline for completion is April 30.

Winchester has partnered with the consulting firm Collective Health Impact LLC to assist with the update to the city's Strategic Plan. To date, company officials have met with the city’s Senior Leadership Team, individual members of City Council and Winchester's constitutional officers to gather feedback. Hoffman will give council an update on the plan's progress at its April 13 meeting.

The consultant will meet with additional city stakeholders in late April, then lead a City Council retreat scheduled for May 14. The Strategic Plan update is expected to be completed by the end of June.

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I agree with Cletus about cultivating the cultural heritage of the city and area. Winchester used to do a better job about playing up its history and making the city more distinct. When I go out to the website, all I see is a picture of the city and a bunch of tiles announcing city meetings! Any heritage the city had seems to have been taken over by strip malls and big box stores. It is now a shopping/living community for DC workers. For the sake of tax revenue, the city lost its charm and identity. Maybe the council actually does strategic planning this time and establishes how to reclaim an identity and pursues investments that restores some pride and history. Comparing Winchester to other successful cities of a similar size and understanding how they achieve similar goals is a good start.


Branson MO has done pretty well for itself over these past decades... and all that without a Patsy Cline heritage! Big hint: the Patsy Cline heritage counts for a lot in Winchester's bountiful favor. Winchester =/> Branson MO for the next few decades if the cultural heritage is deliberately cultivated.

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