SHAWNEELAND — A Frederick County woman is accused of splashing bleach in her husband’s eyes, whipping him with a phone-charging cord and threatening him with a knife.

The incident is alleged to have occurred in the home of suspect Rachell Vinalay and was reported by her husband to the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office at 2:36 p.m. on Monday. When deputies arrived, the man was rubbing his eyes and appeared to be in pain, according to an email on Thursday from Lt. Keith Covert, Sheriff’s Office spokesman.

The man said he was cleaning a toilet during an argument with Vinalay when she began striking him on the back with the cord. He said he pushed her away and a few minutes later found her in the kitchen pouring bleach on his clothes. When he tried to stop her, the man said Vinalay removed his glasses and splashed bleach in his eyes. He said he grabbed the bottle of bleach from Vinalay and threw it into the front yard.

“Once he discarded the bleach, he turned to see Rachell standing in the kitchen holding a chef’s knife in her hand saying, ‘Are you ready to die?’’’ Covert wrote. “At this point, the victim called 911.”

Deputy Matthew J. Porpilia wrote in a criminal complaint that Vinalay admitted to pointing the more than 12-inch long knife at her husband and threatening to kill him. She also confessed to hitting him with the cord. The man, who has been married to Vinalay for two years, said he was struck over 10 times with the cord. Porpilia said he saw several lash marks on the man’s back.

Vinalay, 21, was charged with assault and battery of a family member and brandishing a weapon. She is due in Frederick/Winchester Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court at 9 a.m. on March 9.

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This is probably not the first beating he’s received, most men don’t report spousal abuse.

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