WINCHESTER — The Winchester School Board unanimously approved changes to its student cellphone use and dress code policies during a work session Monday night.

The updated student cellphone policy now bans elementary, intermediate and middle school students from using their phones at school. High school students are prohibited from using their phones during instructional time. Before the update, students could use personal electronic devices in the classroom with a teacher’s permission.

The updated dress code policy adopts a gender-neutral enforcement of student clothing and bans any clothing “that is racially divisive at school, on school property, or at school-sponsored activities.” The approved changes specifically prohibit the wearing of any clothing that “denotes Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nation-White Supremacy, Neo-Nazi, racial hate groups or Confederate flags.”

The dress code policy also now focuses less on punishment for violations and more on using such infractions as teachable moments for students on appropriate attire in the workplace.

Attending Monday night’s work session held in-person and virtually from John Kerr Elementary School were Winchester Superintendent Jason Van Heukelum, School Board Chairwoman Erica Truban, School Board Vice Chairwoman Karen Holman and board members Bryan Pearce-Gonzales, Mike Birchenough, Elyus Wallace and Marie Imoh. The meeting was publicly held and streamed through YouTube.

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(11) comments

Rick Hill

I didn't see anything about

Black Panther, BLM, Chavez, PLO, oh how one-sided!


Are they supremacist organizations? Or do they just offend you personally?

Doc Samson

@Rick - Because only the Left gets to define what is appropriate and what is not...


Oh right! Because that is a list of supremacy organizations that you think would make you into a minority...

...said none of them.

Doc Samson

Wasn't talking to you, little man. But please, feel free to continue interjecting...


The phrases "racially divisive" and "racial hate groups," by definition, would presumably rule out material beyond that which is anti-Black.


You're on to something when you notice the school board doesn't define "racially divisive" and "racial hate groups".

Ann Gibson

Wow, anonymous "Conservative" guy, we agree on something!


We can ALL agree on some things, just not everything. That's what makes this country great. We can agree to disagree on things we are passionate about, but in reality, we still gotta live and work together![smile]


Just switch to uniforms.


not a bad idea....prep schools do, it I dont know why we can't implement it at public would be interesting to see some studies on the issue.

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